Bestselling authors and book reviewers praise the work of author WR.PARK
James Rollins: "I've been a fan of WR.PARK's work for years and The Talking Stones is his best work to date with a plot as twisted as a Gordian knot." Jon Land: " For me, WR.PARK's top-notch page-turner OVERLAY brought back memories of Robert Ludlum at his best." William Dietrich:  "Carpe Diem romps and races. Great fun for fans of the Templar mysteries in European sites." Robert S. Levinson: "COMA is a delicious stew of storytelling and a devilishly conceived thriller." R.Barri Flowers: "Fatal Incision is a captivating historic thriller sure to win WR.PARK fans on both sides of the Atlantic. James Rollins: "The Dacian Resurgenceis a nonstop ride.  Part Cussler, part Clancy, all Park. Enjoy the ride." Jon Land: "Sacrificed is akin to the action work of
Steven Hunter, David Morrell, and the late great Tony Hillerman." Midwest Book Review: "WR.PARK's book OVERLAY has 'movie' written all over it. Think Mission Impossible meets the Bourne Identity." Midwest Book Review: "COMA is ten times more exciting than The Jackal." International Historian David Stuart Davies: "Phantom Hounds is a rip-roaring adventure you'd find in 30's-40's pulp magazines. Work's well for a book or film." Professional Reviewer Patricia Foltz:  "WR.PARK has done it again. Murder & Mummies On Route 66 is an extraordinary read. The characters will crack you up--just don't get on their wrong side." Publishers' Auxiliary: "The Franciscan Trilogy featuring the first Pope Francis is about murder, suicide, extortion,assassins, devilish plots and a narrative with more twists and turns than a ride through purgatory." Best Thriller Reviews: The Franciscan is a fast-moving feast of betrayal, corruption told by a master craftsman. Unlike Dan Brown's Robert Longdon, WR.PARK's vision of a gutsy pope is far more engrossing."  

       Author WR.PARK with bestselling authors Jon Land and James Rollins

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