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You may contact me at:
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Download a FREE copy of WR.PARK's 15th book  'Phenomenon'  to  read  and  share with  an  associate,  friends,  and  family.
Someone overheard an off-the-cuff comment about my spiritual phenomenon and asked me to explain further.  My answer was: "If I told you the entire story
you'd say that I was crazy, delusional at best."  However, if the inquisitive individual relayed the same event to me, I too would claim he was either crazy or delusional at best.
But the entire account is authentically true as portrayed.
Download your FREE E-Copy of Phenomenon on your computer and when you're finished reading and believe an associate, friend, or family member would also enjoy the read or message--and with author's permission--just hit the send button and share with them.
Unlike a reading tablet that will not allow sharing books--the computer-generated 'Phenomenon' E-Book allows you to share with as many people as you like--and as often as you like.  The entire book is less that 50 pages and takes up little computer space.  It's most convenient and best of all it's FREE.
If you'd like a copy of 'Phenomenon' just contact me at: and in the subject line type: 
Request copy of 'Phenomenon'--then provide your name and email address in the body of the email message.
Then the book is your to enjoy and share.