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First available novel in the series
Second available novel in the series
WR.Park's top-notch page-turner brought back memories of Robert Ludlum at his best.
A nonstop rollercoaster from Europe to Washington, D.C. Part Clancy...part Cussler...all Park.  Enjoy the ride.
--bestselling author Jon Land
--bestselling author James Rollins
Defense ministers in Arab nations are systematically assassinated.  All eyes stare suspiciously at Israel. The Middle East is a powder keg ready to explode. Only a handful of covert U.S. government officials are aware that the heads of Russia and China are targeted next--and that the elderly and senile American ex-President is responsible.

Rance Colby, the man who never existed--presumed dead--and torn by internal demons, is enlisted to discover and destroy the real brains behind the assassinations.
In 105 A.D., swords of Roman soldiers slaughtered Dacian warriors as women and children hid in fear, in a grotto below the fortified outpost.  A prophesy uttered by a high priest nearly 2,000 years ago is catalyst for a 21st century threat of global proportions.

Dacian She-Wolf descendants dedicated to world domination are responsible for deaths of powerful men worldwide. A plot unfolds so devious that even Rance Colby could not have foreseen that the long dead Dacian King Decebalus--is the key to the Dacian Resurgence.
Summer 2012
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Third available novel in the series
Here is a tale wondrously plotted and brilliantly told akin to the best action of Stephen Hunter, David Morrell and the late great Tony Hillerman.
--bestselling author Jon Land

Rance faces the responsibility of saving the life of an innocent man while derailing several foreign governments from stealing plans for a revolutionary biological-bomb.  Illegally developed at the U.S. Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico, the weapon is in danger of falling into the hands of our enemies--who seek to conquer the United States and bring it to its knees.
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Fourth available novel in the series
"Races and Romps. Great fun for fans of Templar mysteries."
--bestselling author William Dietrich
"If you think Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code was exciting, wait until you read Carpe Diem."
--professional reviewer Patricia Foltz
An ancient journal bequeathed to Rance by the recently deceased last Knight Templar, along with the responsibility to 'seize the day', plunges Rance, his wife, and friends into a world of mystery, adventure, and danger, extending from Scotland, Ethiopia, Nova Scotia, and back to their Spanish Castle.
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Fifth and last novel in the series
Bestselling authors compared the series with the best of Robert Ludlum, and the works of Cussler, Clancy, Hunter, Morrell and Hillerman

A broken man. The former president's Shadow Master lay half naked under the baking sum on a South Pacific beach: drunk, despondent, and in poor shape mentally and physically. After years of covert service to his country, Rance found love, married and longed for a normal life. The fiery accidental death of his wife changed everything. Unknown to Rance, his wife is alive, buried deep within an ancient temple; her memory systematically erased and replaced with the training and desire to perform one function...to assassinate Rance.
New York Times bestselling
      author James Rollins​
New York Times bestselling
  author R. Barrie Flowers​
The prestigious and prominent
        Midwest Book Review​
"This one would make an explosive movie. Think Bourne, or the Bruce Willis version of The Jackal, then multiply by ten and you'd have an idea what the movie version on COMA would be."
"I've been a fan of WR.PARK's work for years and The Talking Stones is his best to date. Archaeological mysteries, and a plot as twisted as a Gordian Knot. 
"Fatal Incision is a captivating historical thriller sure to win WR.PARK fans on both sides of the Atlantic."
Jonathan Greylock, college professor,bestselling author, and well-known archeologist undertakes a quest that nearly costs him his life. His adventure begins when the new, beautiful university librarian, Phineas St. Clair, stops him in the parking lot and hands him a letter from an official of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo instructing Jack to pick up a package at the post office.  Much to their surprise, inside is a carved clay object, referred to as a 'talking stone.'  It is the first of five talking stones, the remaining four yet to be discovered.

Their dangerous hunt for the talking stones take them to Jordan's mysterious Petra, the ancient tunnels in Malta, to recently uncovered ruins in Israel and to Peru's most mysterious and perilous cave.

The combined message of the talking stones takes Jack and Finn to the underwater location where the great Ramses II statue once stood before it was moved to avoid being consumed by Lake Nasser.

Stunned beyond belief at their discovery, Jack and Finn are forced to make a monumental decision that seals the fate of Egypt's greatest treasure.

Ghastly 'Jack the Ripper' murders of five mutilated women in the Whitechapel district of London in 1888 ended without an arrest--though suspects were plentiful.

However, in the summer of 1889, the 'Jack the Ripper' mystery was solved, and until now, the true story of two Scotland Yard detectives' gallant effort was never revealed--nor the morally corrupt justification for the heinous mutilations on two continents.

Two young Scotland Yard detectives, armed with only a hunch, voyage across the Atlantic to New York City to assist in investigating a string of similar murders.

Did Jack slip away to America--and is now applying his macabre trade as 'Jack the Manhattan Ripper?

Suddenly, just when they're within a breath of solving the century's most intriguing and celebrated murder mystery on two continents--their case spirals helplessly out of control.
A man is discovered near death, half-submerged in a black-water ditch along side a lonely Louisiana bayou blacktop.  Shot numerous times and obviously left for dead--he has no identification.  The small sheriff's office turns the case over to the rural hospital. The man barely survives, but due to multiple head wounds remained in a deep coma.  Dougllas' condition is brought to the attention of CIA Director Carter Holloway. During one of Dougllas' coherent moments--in the DCI's presence--he manages to describe in detail of the recent murders and admits he was there. But how could he be?  He's been in a bedridden in a coma for the last six months.

A sadistic assassin, dismembered Congressmen, and a devious plot to overthrow the president sends CIA agent Hunter Dougllas halfway around the world on a seek-and-destroy mission. Add the distraction of two beautiful women and a bullet painfully lodged in his skull, and his task is formidable.

Dougllas must ferret out the mastermind behind the mutilations and stop the assassination of the President of the United States.